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MW1102 Fan Vibration Monitor

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The fan vibration monitor series is specially designed for low-frequency vibration monitoring. It has two built-in acceleration sensors in the A and B directions, which can detect the vibration of the two channels in real time. It also includes testing functions for all sensors and electronic circuits, as well as a built-in electronic monitoring device for continuous self-inspection protection. The design of this series of meters is based on a digital platform, allowing multi-user control, easy to change settings, and quick changes on site.
The user can change the pre-set parameters of the instrument through the supporting control software. The supporting software provides users with a friendly setting menu and test functions, which can display test results, alarms and system failures. At any time, users can modify past parameters and download new parameters to the instrument.
The instrument has a complete processing and control system, so its DC output signal can be used as the input of other processing, and the measurement results can also be read out through other bus interfaces such as ModBus.
Reliable filtering technology.
Each alarm relay has an independent programmable alarm threshold and delay time.
The circuit of the sensor is protected by the built-in monitoring device, and the fault relay displays the fault condition. It is suitable for environments with harsh temperature, humidity and electrical noise interference.
Application field
This instrument is suitable for conventional low-frequency vibration measurement, especially the vibration measurement of rotating or reciprocating machinery. It can measure the acceleration, velocity and displacement of vibration. It is widely used in wind turbines, steel structure towers, bridges and other vibration monitoring.
System specification
• Built-in 2 vibration sensors (accelerometer)
• Axial measurement in the direction of the A and B axis
• 4 independent 4-20mA industrial standard outputs
• 4 programmable independent alarm relays and 1 system fault relay
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Ordering code: MV1102 fan vibration monitor.
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