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Urea Level Sensor

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  The main material of the urea level sensor is reinforced nylon and stainless steel. The installation method is screwed in with a toothed bayonet, which is easy to assemble and disassemble; the wiring adopts imported APM connectors, which is fast; the detection liquid level adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, and the signal output is stable and high precision , The detection depth can be customized according to user requirements; the product structure is simple and reliable, only the float is a moving part, and the service life is long.

  The sensor uses the magnetic field generated by the float to control the on-off of the reed switch in the measuring tube, converts the change of the measured liquid level into a resistance voltage signal output, and then connects with the secondary instrument to detect the height of the liquid level in the urea tank and alarm purpose. Compared with other types of liquid level measurement technology, no complicated circuit is required, simple implementation, low cost, and high reliability.


  The urea level sensor has multiple functions such as liquid level detection/alarm, temperature detection/alarm, engine cooling water circulation heating, urea filtration, and urea suction.


  In order to reduce the emission concentration of pollutants in the exhaust gas of diesel vehicles, the exhaust emission of diesel vehicles uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, which uses urea solution to treat the nitrogen oxides (NOX) in the exhaust gas. IV emission regulations restrict soot and NOX.

  The urea level sensor is designed for the SCR system and is used for the urea level detection of the SCR exhaust gas treatment system of diesel engine vehicles.

Technical Parameters:

1. Operating temperature range: -40~+85℃;

2. Large electrical rating:

  ——Voltage: 48VDC

  ——Current: 300mA

  ——Power: 125mW

3. Measuring indexing accuracy: 10~40mm;

4. Output signal: resistance signal, voltage signal;

5. Protection level: IP67.


  JL-CYW-FH series of ordinary heating type urea level sensor, the heating effect is general, suitable for the urea level detection of diesel vehicle SCR system in general cold areas.

Specification code: sensor length, unit mm.

Characteristic code, among which: common heating type and single-channel measuring circuit are not marked, Q-strong heating type, S-double-channel measuring circuit,
         QS-strong heating double-channel measuring circuit.

Produced by Jiangling Technology, float-reed switch conversion type liquid level sensor.

1. Example:

a) Ordinary heating type urea level sensor with single channel measuring loop, the sensor length is 475mm,

Expressed as: JL-CYW-FH-475.

b) Ordinary heating type urea level sensor with dual-channel measurement loop, the sensor length is 475mm,

Expressed as: JL-CYW-FHS-475.

c) Strong heating type urea level sensor with single channel measuring loop, the sensor length is 475mm,

Expressed as: JL-CYW-FHQ-475.

d) Strong heating type urea level sensor with dual-channel measuring loop, the length of the sensor is 475mm,

Expressed as: JL-CYW-FHQS-475.

2. Description of special requirements:

  When ordering, if the user has special requirements for the sensor assembly method, wiring connection form, alarm position, sensor length, sensor structure form, etc., please refer to the attachments or drawings.

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