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VMS581 Fuel Tank Oil Level Sensor

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VMS581 fuel tank oil level sensor is an ideal indicator device for remote measurement of liquid level in non-corrosive liquids. It is widely used for long-term and wide-ranging in the oil level measurement of steam turbine oil tanks. The sensor has two working modes. The float generates buoyancy in the liquid and directly pushes the center rod. A red pointer is installed on the upper part of the rod to directly indicate the liquid level. The surface is clear, the viewing distance is large, and the observation is convenient; in addition, the center push rod is in When moving up and down, the auxiliary pull rod is driven to move the armature at the end of the pull rod in the coil excited by the intermediate frequency source. The voltage of the coil changes, and the second instrument is detected and amplified, and the displacement of the float up and down is converted into linear electricity to change the liquid level. Far away to the control room. VMS581 fuel tank oil level sensor is divided into three types: X, Y, and Z.
Type X: Immersion type liquid level indicator (the upper part of the site indication is installed on the running floor, the lower part of the float is installed on the fuel tank cover, and the middle is connected with an extension rod).
Type Y: Straight pipe type liquid level indicator (installed outside the oil tank, the bottom of the indicator has a pipe connected to the oil tank).
Z type: Straight pipe immersion type liquid level indicator (also known as X, Y combined type, which can be directly installed on the fuel tank cover using the upper flange of the indicator).
Measured liquid: various steam turbine oils; when used for liquid level measurement of other non-viscous and non-corrosive liquids, the counterweight can be adjusted to adapt.
Technical Parameters
1. Range: ±100mm; ±200mm; ±300mm; ±400mm (range can be customized)
2. Reference weight:
  X type: ±200mm about 35Kg
   Y type: ±200mm about 40Kg
  Z type: ±300mm about 48Kg
3. Accuracy: ≤±3mm
4. Ambient temperature: -10℃~+100℃
5. Relative humidity: ≤80%
6. High temperature of the measured liquid: ≤85℃

Order information

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 Measuring range A

 Other B


 100: ±100mm
  200: ±200mm
  300: ±300mm
  400: ±400mm
  For example: A100=measurement range: ±100mm

 00: No requirement



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